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EST. | 2015

Bossington, Somerset  TA24 8HQ

Open from 11am



A 21st Century Tearooms

We took over Kitnors back in June 2015 and had to hit the ground running. Kitnors has been a busy little tearooms for over 50 years and is loved by locals and visitors from around the world. We are constantly surprised by where people make contact from. 

Kitnors is located in the village of Bossington, a truly amazing place, just off the A39 to Porlock, nestled in the rolling countryside where exmoor meets the sea. Bossington is a quintessentially english village with thatched cottages and cobbled paths, all under the protection of the NT, and Exmoor National Park. 

Like so many of the other tearooms in the area, Kitnors has had many owners, each of which have left their own little mark on Kitnors history. A recipe here, a painting there, and we love helping it evolve, bringing it into the 21st century and new generations of visitors.

We are open all year round, and yes we do the traditional tea, cakes, and cream teas, but our menu has always changed seasonally with locally sourced produce. 

Because we make everything ourselves, we can keep experimenting to keep the menu fresh and moving forward. Additionally we have always had vegan, gluten free and dairy free options available. Simply because we love good wholesome food, done properly. Which is what we want to serve, to all our visitors, no matter what someones dietary requirements are.

When everyone else is enjoying a Cream Tea why shouldn't there be a Gluten Free cream tea for you ?


Warm welcomes all year round

Soooo...What's Cooking ?

Just because our summer visitors are battened down in their warm comfy homes in the middle of winter. It's not a reason for us to close.


We live here, and you know what ?


When it comes down to it...

You just don't want another over priced gourmet burger in another pub. 

We did try opening every day during winter, but unfortunately it really wasn't cost effective. So we switched to opening Fri, Sat, Sun, providing our range of light lunches, cakes and usual favourites.

And we've found, that...It works !


WE love the winter times, the fire is crackling, it's all cosy, and we get the time to chat with our visitors.

It's us, it's why we do what we do and we love it.


But don't think that just because we close for a couple of days a week in the winter, we are catching up on our sleep. We use this time to source good quality local produce, and experiment with new recipes and menu ideas.

I know tasting clotted creams sounds great ,but come and talk to me when you get to the 38th one...phew.

This year we have new,  jams, chutneys, soft drinks, coffee offerings, tea infusions, as well as new plaster, paint, decor and layout.

It's been a busy winter time and hopefully you'll like the changes as much as we do.

We are ways doing something, and something is always is happening 

So if you would like to keep up to date with the latest news and goings on.


You'll find it all on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as regular vidoes on our youtube channel

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Opening Times:

Easter - 31 Oct - Every day  11am - 4.30pm

1 Nov - Easter - Fri, Sat ,Sun, 11am - 4pm

Closed Christmas Day

Kitnors, Bossington, Somerset, TA24 8HQ

 Tel: 01643 862643 email:


Thank You for getting touch, we get back to you asap

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